Film director Im Kwon-taek, and participation in Girls’ star ‘key in 20 countries (G20) summit in Seoul Star supporters the success of the origin of’ the commission said.

G20 summit to prepare for the Presidential Commission on March 21 and the G20 summit held in Seoul on D-20’s right ‘star supporters wish the success of the G20 summit in Seoul ceremony’ was held.

The two-day event Im Kwon-taek (film director), Lee Sang Bong (Designer), gimjungman (photographer), edeuwodeugwon (Cook), Duplex (前 baseball player), motaebeom (speed skating), idealization (speed skating), W school senior (football player), namgyeongju (musical), Ji Jin-hee (actress), joyeojeong (actor), Han Ji Min (Actor), and Kim (actor), Bo (actor), 2NE1 (singer), and was involved.

Supporters received letters of stars, “the G20 summit in Seoul to pray for the success of the testimony,” employed to reveal the “public interest and participation” and urged.

The ceremony started with a day at each location of the G20 summit in Seoul to promote voluntary action will be stripped.