Asia’s best pop music festival in Asia Song Festival 2010, ‘Let’s go! G20 Concert at 6 pm and 23 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium was held in the splendidly.

A 7 year anniversary in Asia Song Festival 2010 hit, “Let’s go! G20 Concert “in Seoul to commemorate the G20 summit of world ‘Let’s go! G20 concert ‘by suggesting the title of Asia’s top stars gathered at a place of hope in the world to deliver the melody in Asia’s only international charity music event in Seoul and the Korea Foundation of Culture, co-sponsored by UNICEF was held.

This year 12 teams from 6 countries in Asia participating in music is a harmony and showcased an impressive debut.

In particular, the Asia Song Festival every year as the official organizer of the cooperation and exchanges between Asian music industry plays a major role in damdanghaeon be held in Seoul this year as Asia’s first summit of the G20 over the world once again to increase the international profile of Seoul, with everything tilts, Wave Seoul, a source of acquaintances has become a hub of Asian culture industry.

This year, as well as major local broadcasters, as well as Japan, NHK, Nippon TV, as well as China, CCTV, Hong Kong TVB, Taiwan AZIO and GTV, CH9, Thailand and many have become interested in the media covering the highest number ever recorded in terms of scale.

Approximately one hour before the concert took place “showcase new artists in Asia,” Asia in the next generation of American Idol and MTV hanba noted that as a group ‘tintap’ popular girl group held a stunning debut ‘Rainbow’ and women rappers ‘E. Via’ ‘namgyeokhapchangdan’ famous ‘gimyeohui’ skills showcased the bold.

In addition, this “showcase new artists in Asia,” rookie girl group from the last model ‘nainmyujiseu’ and a collection of popular bars with various OST The ‘Ari band appeared, including the total of 6 teams in line for EU, Asia Star competed.

2010 Asia Song Festival unfolds in earnest, “Let’s go! G20 concert “performances of the ‘Live the Emperor’ Lee Seung-chul won the stage.

All year anniversary of his debut 25 Lee Seung-chul Live is a fantastic skill and charismatic stage presence, the audience finds the site has offered a hot stage.

Lee Seung recent ‘Superstar K2’ receives great interest in, such as the hearty music activities in the junior Asian star with a busy schedule for the three known to be in attendance for a place to agree that the said warm.

On the other hand, is regarded as the best Asian star BoA and established itself as a world star, Kim Han fantastic dance in the rain singing through an explosive appearance showed him as a top Asian star, and the emotional ballad group in Korea’s best ‘2 AM ‘is a sweet ballad with The performances of the utmost sensitivity was heightened.

The 2010 Asia Song Festival, “Let’s go! G20 Concert “singer in Taiwan delegates’ jeongwonchang ‘, China’s jangjeongyoung’ Malaysia’s’ light ‘and so down like a star in Asia, South Korea is second to singer on stage showed the skills and personality.

G20 summit to stage the finale of a month coming up to pray for the success of the campaign song Let’s go put the meaning in the majority of the celebrities who participated included former cast two Let’s go and sing jingles have been concluded.