G20 (G20) finance ministers, central bank governor, increasingly escalated dramatically with respect to exchange rate issues that were laid for a compromise.

G20 countries issued in the last 23 days 경주 komwinike (Joint Declaration) imbalances in the global trade deficit in the management plan set a target exchange rate regime, the crucial `market ‘is transformed into a competitive currency devaluation has agreed to refrain from competition.

This, unlike the United States and China, as a parallel to a trade war which was concerned about the situation recently been to the end of the G20 world premiere of `Economic Cooperation forum (Premier Forum) ‘to become as successful and did a big role as the chair of South Korea is being evaluated can.

G20 finance ministers, central bank governors today deficit and the size of all the policy measures within sustainable levels by mobilizing key management and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over a 6% stake previously decided to adjust upward.

Over lunch, the conference chairman of the Finance Minister at a press conference “rate the debate and ended with it,” said “komwinikeeseo` market-oriented exchange rate-related expression in ‘critical’ market ‘has been replaced by a process that determines the exchange rate macroprudential Strengthening the role of the market system and means to strengthen the resolve to contribute to the uncertainty, “he said.

Meanwhile, the economies of scale compared to the IMF quota reform, equity is underestimated in many countries are represented in the camp in the 2012 Annual General Meeting until the emerging developing countries, more than 6% had previously decided to finish the job.